Damage spots? Or something else?

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Damage spots? Or something else?

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We went away for a week and left our BYH froglets (10 months old, their names are Wellington and Puddle) with the original breeder for boarding in one of their own enclosures.

When we picked them up, they each had large grey spots on their faces. We were told this is from hitting their heads (the breeder explained "this subspecies is notorious for head-hitting") - But as long as we've had them, they have NEVER had any kind of physical damage, even though they do hit their heads once in a while (the ceiling of our viv is acrylic rather than mesh, so it's not abrasive).

According to these photos, does this look like physical damage (Wellington has a little bit of moss on his face in the first picture)? What is the best treatment for this? They're both still active and eating happily, should we just let them heal or is there a worry about infection?

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